about Frieght solution company

Who we are?

Freight Solutions exists to help strengthen our customers’ supply chain so that it adds real value to their business. We do this by applying world class experience, expertise and technology to achieve our core goals of personal commitment, adaptability and reliability, on time delivery, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and superb service.
All our customers enjoy a level of hands-on involvement from us that reflects our central belief: our customers’ business is our business too.

About freight solutions

Our services...

freight solution services

Freight Solutions can arrange and deliver all the elements of a fully comprehensive freight forwarding solution, including:



Company network

Elsewhere around the globe, we offer a comprehensive network of agents with whom we have chosen to work on the strength of their expertise, their own professional standards and their enthusiasm for the Freight Solutions culture of passion for customer service. Every Freight Solutions agent is a specialist expert in their own market, with the depth of knowledge to create flexible and effective solutions for customers.

Warehousing and other storage

Flexibility is Strength

You know your business and its specific requirements inside out. We’ll match that knowledge with a level of tailored, flexible solutions that starts with the challenge you set us and ends with a robust response that’s right for you right now.

Whatever you physically need to move, your freight requirement is an integral element of a supply chain that has to work hard and effectively. As the Freight Architect, Freight Solutions will design a solution that ensures all your key criteria are fully satisfied. We’ll look at every aspect of what we offer: routes, carrier choice, ‘on the ground’ relationships in remote locations and real industry expertise that can include one of our consultants based on your premises to help get the job done. Then we’ll make sure that our offer best fits with your needs.

Efficiency is the ultimate objective: minimum downtime and as few obstacles to delivery as possible, complemented by maximum uptime as your freight gets to where you need it to be. Of course the cost of movement is always a prime consideration. But you also know the ultimate cost to your business of delay and inefficiency. We will always make certain that our solution flexibly balances price with effectiveness, so that you can get moving on a sound and very competitive commercial basis.

Whatever the solution we develop for you, you can be certain that we will always go the extra mile. In fact, we’ll go as many miles as it takes to deliver.